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At Katsura Reiki you can enjoy a wonderful Usui Reiki therapy session.  Reiki involves the transfer of energy from the practitioner to the client and promotes healing within the body.  Reiki is a Japanese therapy which has been practiced in the West since the 1930s and was founded by Dr. Usui.


The Beneifts of Reiki allow one to relax and feel a sense of peacefulness.  Reiki is great for reducing stress, arthritis, and other conditions.  Reiki is a complimentary treatement and unblocks energy in the body, promoting healing.  Call or email to book an appointment today!

Melissa Scarff

Reiki Master, H.BSc., RP- CRA (Certified Practitioner with Canadian Reiki Association)


Reiki Courses

Share the joy of Reiki with your family and friends enroll in a Level 1 Reiki course today.

Course dates are on the weekends.  Please contact me directly to reserve a date.  All students will enjoy a delicious lunch, receive a great Reiki manual -Level 1 and have plenty of practice time in a small group session.  Course fees are $200.


Also teaching Level 2 Reiki & Reiki Master courses as well.  Please call to enquire.  All courses include a manual for practice/luncheon and small group sizes of 2 students only.  The small class size allows for more student-teacher interaction and lots of reiki practice which is essential as we move through the curriculum.

Treatment Costs


one hour reiki treatment $45

distance healing *

reiki for pets *

client visit reiki treatment *

*please call for rates 




Springtime has finally arrived and the birds have decided to come to the garden!  I added a new bird feeder to the mix recently and it has been vacant for too long.  Now it is Disneyland for birds in the yard.  


The garden looks dreadful right now.  However, this is the perfect time to evaluate areas that need improvement to make this the best season yet.  Starting seeds indoors is a great way to bring some beautiful flowers into your garden.  Stokes Seeds have a fabulous catalogue and the seeds are of excellent quality.


Reiki courses are starting up this Spring.  So call to book a weekend course in Reiki 1 or 2.


Now the days seem longer it is a great time to practice more Reiki on friends and family.  Reiki is great for achy joints and sore backs to promote healing.





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