Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reiki like massage therapy?


In a Reiki session the client remains fully clothed during the treatment session.  The client experiences warmth from the practitioner's hands as they are placed on the client's body in various positions such as the head, arms, shoulders etc. Wherever there is a joint we typically apply reiki to promote healing.


How many sessions do I need?


The Canadian Reiki Association reccommends three treatments over a ten to fourteen day period.  The client should feel the effects of treatment and then return every week or two depending on the nature of the condition.  Reiki doesn't interfere with any other treatments.  Reiki unblocks energy allowing the body to heal more quickly which is one of the many benefits of this treatment.


However, the number of treatments depends on the individual.  For some clients a monthly treatment will be beneficial in promoting healing.  Multiple treatments help reduce overall stress and promote healing within.


 Client appointments will be well spaced apart and payment will be by e-transfer.