Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone and their families a very happy Christmas!  As we gather together this year we are reminded of all the previous celebrations where we could celebrate the season with extended family.  Although our gatherings are significantly smaller this year we are thankful and grateful for all the wonderful people in our life.  For some who may not be with us right now we send prayers and love and look forward to being together again.


Reiki blessings to all!


Navigating Difficult Times

As we navigate through the difficult challenging waters of COVID mania we must remember, it is okay to feel stressed. The news constantly bombards us with negative messages or stories that seem to so frivolous they are ridiculous.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to turn off the news, take a break from social media and do nothing.  Do nothing is often the hardest thing to do.  Just sit and follow your breath for a few minutes.  Take a walk through the forest -leave the phone at home for once!  Walking in nature mindfully, will give you a chance to recharge.  It will allow you to focus on the present moment and just enjoy it.  The internal chatter will calm down and so will your stress.


Using meditation to cope with grief

I never thought I would become an expert in grief however as I struggle through these difficult times I learn more ways to cope with challenging emotions.


Some ways that have helped me are the free Coronavirus meditations on the One Percent Happier App.  These really are very helpful for dealing with stressful times.  Practicing regularly twice a day is helpful too.  Meditation before sleeping allows you to just be focussed on your breath or sounds and allows you to silence the monkey mind for a little bit.  I used to worry I wasn't meditating right because my thoughts would often drift and sometimes I just could not sit still.   But with some kindness you come back to the practice and try again and you keep trying.  

Meditating for a few minutes is often easier than for a half hour.  As your practice deepens then slowly increase the time.  Often having an extra short session can benefit you more that a long session where your mind is constantly wandering.  The main thing is to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.  It is okay to cry during your meditation or to laugh or scratch your itchy arm, return to the breath and keep going.  It does get easier.

*Susan Piver of the Open Heart project has some amazing books and meditations/courses..I encourage you to check them out, they are great!



As we start a new month we welcome a new addition to Katsura Reiki, Finn!  He is currently receiving some distance reiki and so far he really enjoys it.


We are focussing on outdoor reiki treatments at the moment at Katsura Reiki to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  Call to book an appointment today.


Practicing a meditation and gratitude journal is a great way to keep track of your progress during your daily meditations.  The 10 Percent Happier app has been very useful and helpful during this time of COVID with their awesome guided meditations.  Also the Open Heart project has amazing resources as well for meditation.


Zoom yoga sessions are also a great way to connect with others and keep your practice up!  I encourage everyone to try this!



Finally, we are open at Katsura Reiki again.  We are excited to welcome new clients.  We will be following the recommended protocols and using PPE during treatments.  We will use e-transfer for payments.  Clients will be schedule with enough time to reduce physical distancing and sanitization of our facilities. We will also offer reiki sessions outdoors as well -as long as weather permits.


Now as we welcome a new season we can enjoy the outdoors.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and practice a walking meditation.