Remembering the Queen

As we make our journey through September we often struggle with loss and challenges as the season changes.  


We have lost our Majesty the Queen and at Katsura Reiki we are marking this loss with  a day of mourning on Sept 19th.



Let us all take a moment to acknowledge the passing of the Queen and to celebrate all her contributions and dedicated service to her country.


Sending all reiki blessings to all.





As we progress into the month of August I can't help notice the days are getting a bit shorter...and the weather is not so scorching.  It is a time to enjoy the most the summer has to offer from gorgeous sunsets to patios with friends to just listening to the waves at beach.


Take some time to sit back and listen to nature.  See what emotions come up and let it just be.  Let the emotions just pass by as if on a river.  Take some time to not overthink things just simply enjoy the moment.


Sending distance Reiki is a great way to connect with family members who are ill.  I encourage you to try it.


Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!  


What a wonderful start to the summer and a great time to entertain with family and friends.  Take time to enjoy the beautiful weather and appreciate how truly lucky we are.


Cultivation of gratitude is essential to our well being.  While taking a photo of this robin it reminds us how truly blessed we are to be able to experience life.   Watching the circle of life in the garden and exploring new nature trails enables us to take in the simple pleasures.


This Canada Day weekend make time to appreciate the simple things.


Summer !

Finally the first day of summer!  As we leap into this season it is a time to take care of our gardens and to explore nature.   Find some moments away from the cell phones, laptops and enjoy being present and mindful in nature.  Listen to the birds ...take time to decompress and relax.   Breathe it will get easier.


Often in times of stress our first instinct is to do as much as possible.  However, as much as it is good to be busy it is also beneficial to sit with uncomfortable emotions.  Just be in the moment and experience the sadness, sorrow or angrer.   Let the emotions just be for a minute.  Then, put your runners on and get moving.   Exercise is essential to helping get you through the tough times even when you don't feel like it.


Practice some reiki on your pets and family as we begin this exciting season!




May Days

As we near the end of May we finally are encountering some warm weather.  It is starting to feel like summer!


The lilacs are finally blooming and the lily of the valley are making an appearance as I clear away the weeds and debris from the garden.  Gardening is therapeutic and is akin to clearing the cobwebs from your mind.  It allows you to focus on the task at hand and only that.  All the issues and dramas of the day fade away as you mindlessly pull weeds or plant some new herbs or flowers.


In times of stress it is often helpful to take stock of what makes you feel better and not what you should do...Sometimes it is a matter of trying various things like going for a bike in a mall anything that takes you out of your regular day-to-day experience and puts you in a new environment is helpful.   it is a time to take advantage of that nice sunny day, even if you don't feel like going outside...sit on the back patio and just sit.  Make time for yourself to unwind and settle so you are ready to tackle the next challenge that emerges.