Welcome Spring!  A great time of growth and renewal.

It is also a time to show yourself some compassion as we start our journey into this new season.  We often neglect ourselves and listen to our harsh inner critics when we need to be kind towards ourselves.  Often kindness can take the form of carving some time out of our busy schedule and just walking in nature.   Listening to the birds and owls and being mindful is often the key to shutting out the noise of the day.   We are bombarded with so many messages and emails that sometimes we need quiet time.   Take these moments of quiet and enjoy them and watch for growth as the season progresses.




February Blahs

February is bitter, cold month.  Take some time when weather is good to get outside and go for a hike.  You will be glad you did.


Find some gratitude  in your daily life.  Start small with being grateful for having the eyes to see all the beauty around you.   This will help you cope when things are difficult


Explore something new during these winter months whether that is learning a new language, yoga classes or a new hobby.  


Practice sending distance Reiki to others it will help keep your Reiki skills going.   


Most of all take some quiet time and unplug your electronics, put the phone away and be mindful of your surroundings.



It is with great sadness that I write about my Uncle Glynn passing this week.   He was full of life and always telling funny jokes.   He will be truly missed by everyone.


Sending reiki blessings and prayers to all as we all collectively grieve the many losses.   The year has only begun and we truly are saying too many good-byes.


Celebrating the good times and remembering the many meals spent together is a great way to think of those who have passed.   Looking through many photos it is with a smile and a laugh as we connect to our past memories.



Recently my Great Aunt Vi passed away.  I am grateful for all the times spent with her and all the wonderful stories she told us about her travel adventures.  Aunt Vi was an inspiration and a supporter of all things hand-made.  A gifted painter, I am so happy to have some of her beautiful hand-painted plates.


During this start to the New Year as we remember those we lost we must look at our times spent as precious.  Sending Reiki blessings to all for the beginning of 2022.  Wishing everyone a very happy 2022.


Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone!  


Another holiday with a mixture of gratitude for all our blessings but with the COVID pandemic looming in the background some of our gatherings have been reduced.


Take some moments from this busy day to meditate and feel gratitude for the small blessings and your family members and friends.


Sending Reiki to all.