As we enter the new month of March we start preparing for the changes soon to come in Spring.


I replanted all of my orchids and thankfully they are doing well.

As I start some Bergamot seedlings and lettuce it is a time of new beginnings.


It is not Spring yet but once it starts to be a bit warmer we will notice our spirits change and anticipation of the new season will begin.


As I write this I cannot help but reflect on the past month and the challenges, and losses I continue to face.

I reach to meditation and yoga to find my inner peace and guide me through these difficult times.  Sometimes we just have to be with the emotion that is arising.  Instead of trying to resist we sometimes just need to be with it.   Also sometimes it is easier to stop grasping.  There is a time to take action and sometimes you just need to wait until the right course of action is clear to you.


The Open Heart Project and Susan Piver's meditations have helped immensely on my path of mediation as are the Ten Percent Happier and Plum Villages.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It is a time of new beginnings and adventures this year.  The slate is wiped clean and we can approach January with a sense of anticipation and joy.   


Taking time to enjoy the warm weather, catching up on rest and starting those exercise routines and healthy eating habits is a must.  Make some new resolutions that you know you can accomplish.  Slowly incorporate more activity in your day even though hibernation is tempting when the temperatures drop


Finding some meditation and gratitude time is also important.  The Open Heart project is very helpful with meditations as is the Ten Percent Happier app.  Regular meditation helps you navigate through the everyday challenges.  It takes practice and patience but really does help.


Getting Holiday Ready!

As we enter the holiday crunch time it is a time when nerves are frayed as we constantly run errands, complete a never-ending to do list and cope with regular day-to-day issues.


Take some time out this week for a bit of rest and meditation.  Make some very important 'me' time.  When we spend so much time helping others we need to take a break.  Often we don't realize how much stress we are under until we start seeing the cracks and the smallest tasks require extraordinary efforts.


Find a bit of time to exercise now ...don't put everything off till 'after the holidays' will help with your stress.  But always know you can take a moment at any time to connect with your breath and simply breathe when things get crazy.



Time to enjoy the fall colours and to benefit from some outdoors Reiki treatments.


As we take in the beauty of the changing seasons it is a good time to take some mindful moments when walking to listen to the sound of the water, the birds and the leaves rustling.  These moments of calm help us when things become more intense and stressful.


Unwind with a hot cup of tea or some lovely heated apple cider.  Connect with loved ones and enjoy the patio while we still can!



As we gather with our families today it is a time to exercise some gratitude for all we have.   


Holidays are often difficult and as we struggle with the losses of family members and friends it if often hard to be happy.  Often holidays evoke memories of better times and make us wish we had a time machine to preserve those moments.


In order to get through the challenging days it can be helpful to go outside and experience nature. Go for a walk or a run just take a moment to get a fresh perspective.   


Also finding lots of chores to do and keeping busy also helps as well.  It would be easy to go back to bed and stay there all day when things are difficult but we must push ourselves to get up and keep moving.  Tomorrow will be different.  Even though when you are dealing with grief it feels as if you are in a never ending loop take time and just try to get through today.  Be kinder to yourself and eat that delicious piece of pie or cookie.