The Garden

Finally,  a perennial is growing in the garden!  I bought this plant at a local sale and it is extremely hardy.  This is a challenging time looking out at the garden-it does look a bit gloomy.  Due to the cold weather the bulbs and all trees are slower than usual.  However, now is a good time to tidy up all those branches and plan where to move your perennials -once they start growing!  I also have started geraniums indoors and am encouraged by how well they are doing.  Geraniums are a great hardy annual -that looks fantastic all summer long.


At Katsura Reiki we are continuing to experiment with new soaps scents.  Currently I made a batch of pink grapefruit-they are lovely for spring.


I would also like to recommend a mindfulness for wellbeing and peak performance course from Future Learn online.  The course is free and it is really helpful in practicing mindfulness.



Springtime has finally arrived and the birds have decided to come to the garden!  I added a new bird feeder to the mix recently and it has been vacant for too long.  Now it is Disneyland for birds in the yard.  


The garden looks dreadful right now.  However, this is the perfect time to evaluate areas that need improvement to make this the best season yet.  Starting seeds indoors is a great way to bring some beautiful flowers into your garden.  Stokes Seeds have a fabulous catalogue and the seeds are of excellent quality.


Reiki courses are starting up this Spring.  So call to book a weekend course in Reiki 1 or 2.


Now the days seem longer it is a great time to practice more Reiki on friends and family.  Reiki is great for achy joints and sore backs to promote healing.





Magical Holidays

The Christmas holidays are a magical time of spending time with those you love and appreciating the togetherness.  This is an ideal time for reflection upon your path.  Especially, after a hectic holiday season from buying last minute gifts to braving the crowds on boxing day.


Boxing day is a great day to organize your papers, tidy up some closets or -that pot drawer you have been avoiding all year.  Clearing your physical space helps clear your mind of clutter.


Take some time today and meditate on the experience of the holidays, of gratitude for another year spent with those you love.



Thanksgiving is upon us once again!  A time to celebrate and be thankful for all our friends and family we share our lives with!

It is a time to be grateful for all we have and to share with others.  As we celebrate with a delicious meal let us be mindful of all we have today.  


Enjoy a lovely walk with your family today and explore the local parts where you can see the fall colours and have a well deserved break.


At Katsura Reiki we are thankful for all the support from our clients and look forward to creating more unusual soaps and treating more people with Reiki.


Fall Reiki

Fall is here!  Today you can feel the chill in the air the winds whipping around your face when you walk to the lake.  Your cravings for cozy vegetable stews and hot pies increase!


Take advantage of the season and enjoy all those local fall fairs and festivals in small towns across the province!  Go apple picking/pumpkin picking and spend time with your families living in the moment and being mindful.  Put the phone away for a bit and just enjoy the moment.   As we approach the Thanksgiving weekend our minds are focused on all that we have to do to prepare for the great meal!  However, this week take some time to relax and enjoy the outdoors and to practice some reiki.


When life is pulling us in 15 directions and we feel negative energies surrounding us this is the time to turn to reiki.  It is also a time for meditation and some yoga practice.  Burn some sage to cleanse your space and the negative energies you may be picking up.  It will cleanse your space and help centre you during challenging times.