Often Change is difficult..just because it is easier to go with the flow and leave things as they are.  However, sometimes things need to shift so you can grow and be free.


Recently going through some shifts in my life and trying to get rid of what does not serve me or is toxic to my well being.   What a process!  The key is to find that tiny kernel of happiness right now even when things are in flux...even when you don't feel your best...even when every day is a struggle..  Breathe, stay present in the moment.  Put one foot forward...and continue.  Soon your path will become clear.


At the moment my path is dense fog of haze!  But I trust in the moment that soon the fog will lift and my path will be clear.  


I am grateful for the small blessings along the way...and of course for Finnegan who makes each day brighter even though he is often very mischievous !


Take some time to connect with nature..with your pets and find your small will help you along the way.


Seasons Change

As we enter into the month of September it is a time, to dive into learning new skills, taking stock of what we have learnt and looking to the future.  Sometimes all we need is a moment of reflection as we plan for something truly wonderful.  As we navigate the daily struggles and stressors, it is important to breathe and be present in the present moment.  Sometimes we need to find our piece of happiness in the now-whatever that may look like.  Even if it is just enjoying a beautiful tomato.


As I reflect upon the past few months I am encouraged by my Medusa tomatoes.  Thank you Westcoast Seeds!  I can't wait till they ripen up!


The gardening process is truly a trial and error event.  Many seedlings have mixed up and eaten by the ever-present bunnies in the garden.  However, I do have carrots growing in containers so, I am encouraged by these humble beginnings.  Container gardening is challenging yet, it is a great place to test out new seeds.  This is the only time I have been successful with carrots so, this is indeed a win.




Remembering Mom

Remembering my mom who recently passed away.


This photo captures the spirit of my mom.  Together we were creating Christmas cookies in the kitchen.


My mom was simply amazing, loving and generous.

I am so grateful for such a loving mother!


Focus on the Now

It is only once we stop grasping that are suffering starts to abate.  We are released from that never-ending struggle with our minds.  Staying focussed in the present helps one stop this.

During this time of challenges and seemingly irritating obstacles I strive daily to spend more time just thinking of now.  Not looking to the future nor dwelling on the past.   Often we look back at our stories and make those define us.  However we are influenced by our past but that doesn't have to determine who we are now in this present moment.  If we allow ourselves to dwell in the pain that seems to surround us we will never be free.   We need to enjoy this moment, this second that is happening now.


Everything changes but sometimes we are entrenched in a cycle of unhappiness and despair.  Rather than trying to escape the pain it is better to just focus on the simple things like the breath.  Bringing the mind back time and time again to your breath work whatever form that takes.


Yoga  and  meditation both help to focus on the breath.  Take some time today and focus on the now.


Bloom Restorative Retreat

Retreat & Reconnect with Nature!

Recently I visited Bloom Restorative Retreat near Kinston for a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.   I attended a Goddess Flow Yoga retreat led by Krista &  Michelle.  It was simply amazing.  The food also was substantial  and delicious! 


Stepping back from the day-to-day responsibilities and being present in the present moment is an excellent way to let your stress melt away.  The positive energy from this natural environment and from all attendees was simply wonderful.