Thanksgiving is upon us once again!  A time to celebrate and be thankful for all our friends and family we share our lives with!

It is a time to be grateful for all we have and to share with others.  As we celebrate with a delicious meal let us be mindful of all we have today.  


Enjoy a lovely walk with your family today and explore the local parts where you can see the fall colours and have a well deserved break.


At Katsura Reiki we are thankful for all the support from our clients and look forward to creating more unusual soaps and treating more people with Reiki.


Fall Reiki

Fall is here!  Today you can feel the chill in the air the winds whipping around your face when you walk to the lake.  Your cravings for cozy vegetable stews and hot pies increase!


Take advantage of the season and enjoy all those local fall fairs and festivals in small towns across the province!  Go apple picking/pumpkin picking and spend time with your families living in the moment and being mindful.  Put the phone away for a bit and just enjoy the moment.   As we approach the Thanksgiving weekend our minds are focused on all that we have to do to prepare for the great meal!  However, this week take some time to relax and enjoy the outdoors and to practice some reiki.


When life is pulling us in 15 directions and we feel negative energies surrounding us this is the time to turn to reiki.  It is also a time for meditation and some yoga practice.  Burn some sage to cleanse your space and the negative energies you may be picking up.  It will cleanse your space and help centre you during challenging times.


Prince Edward County

Exploring Prince Edward County.   Enjoying the summer weather out on a road trip to Prince Edward County.   I tried out Slickers Ice Cream -which is delicious in Bloomfield..rhubarb with ginger...awesome..


I also stopped by Lake on the Mountain- a beautiful stop to just enjoy the water and the scenic peaceful and very windy today!  It was great to just relax and be in the think of nothing more than the next turn in the road... Practicing this mindfulness exercise is so beneficial and connecting with nature brings such a peacefulness to your mind.  It was a great way to destress after trying to do everything on a weekend.  


Take some time to practice your reiki and take some time to enjoy the benefits of reiki yourself.  As we start the month of September it is always so busy and stressful for everyone, especially families...take some reiki time and relax during this hectic month.


Benefits of Lavender

There are so many benefits to walking in lavender fields.  There is the heavenly perfume which surrounds you, the lush green landscape of trees and and flowers.   During a recent visit to one of the farms I was able to explore the nearby woods which led to another lavender field.  It was fantastic.  One can easily practice mindfulness while at a lavender farm as it really is a peaceful place.  It also offers an opportunity to recharge, take a break and just enjoy some peace and quiet.


Using a lavender spray for linens is a great way to enjoy lavender at home.  Also misting a room before bed is a great way to unwind.  Lavender soaps, lotions and shower gels also brings that relaxing scent to your bath experience.  Culinary lavender is another way to experience lavender in salts/herbes de provence -which you may want to use as a marinate for chicken/ or lavender in your favourite shortbread recipe or my favourite- truffles.  


Practicing reiki outdoors is another way to unwind.  Bring your zero gravity chair or lounge chair and practice on a family member/pet/ is a great experience.


Summer Days

As I explore more companion planting in the garden it seems so natural for the herbs-Mojito Mint and roses with lavender to grow together.  The plants seem to thrive in this mixture and remain relatively pest-free.  I am trying out new varieties of lavender from Richters in Uxbridge.  So far Profusion Lavender is most impressive- an early bloomer- and it keeps on going.

The French Lavender I grow in pots and store in the garage in the winter- and it has done outstanding this year too.  It is just getting ready to bloom.


As July looms near -I look forward to visiting as many lavender farms as I can!  There is nothing more serene and restful then visiting the lavender farms.  The scent is heavenly and calming.


Keep practicing your reiki in the summer!  Now is a time when you can take your treatments outdoors.  Using a zero gravity chair it makes it quite easy and quite relaxing for the client!


Katsura Reiki is busy creating more soaps.  We now have a triple butter lavender one- that is amazing.  I recently make a spearmint exfoliating bar too-very summery.   We will continue to develop more recipes in the summer and are at work on a triple milled bar...