Art of blogging


The more you blog the more you have to say.  Each week while sitting at my desk I am inspired by the flowers growing in my garden.  Relating gardening to Reiki is something that works for me.  


These delphiniums were transplanted to the side of the house where it is sunny in the afternoon.  Initially, I did not think they would flourish.  However, these delphiniums have proved me wrong.  They have shelter from the winds so, they don't snap like twigs and continue to thrive.  


The more effort you put into Reiki the better results you will achieve.  Reiki works best on a regular basis. I find that through multiple sessions people feel better.  At the moment I am going to try treating some key patients in the zero gravity chair to receive their feedback.  Everyone loves the massage table but, sometimes change will alter perceptions.  I will blog about the feedback.

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