Meditation Mondays

katsura tree

During the bitter days of January one looks foward to a warm fire and a cup of cocoa.  The reality in this fast-paced work week is often something different.  We all are cramming a million things into a an already busy day.  With increased commuting times we are spending more and more time on the road and not at home with family.


January is a month of reflection and it offers a chance to add some meditation to your day.  You don't have to meditate for hours, a few minutes set aside in a quiet room are quite beneficial.  I am using 'Reiki Meditations for beginners' by Lawrence Ellyard.  Reiki isn't a prerequisite to these meditations which makes this book useful to everyone.   Meditation also adds a beneficial addition to the reiki treatment for both the practitioner and client.  I look forward to sharing meditations with my clients and friends.

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