Reiki in the garden


Sending reiki to the plants in the garden is a very good thing.  It is very easy to work with energy in the garden.  The intention to send reiki is the most important part of the experience.  The reiki has given all my plants a good kick start to the growing season.  The heliptrop is doing particularly well right now.  This is a very fragrant annual. I would love to find a way to preserve this fragrance all year round.


Due to the bunnies in the garden, I have had to add a snow fence around the flowerbed.  So, far it is working and all the plants are doing fine.  Bunnies are particularly drawn towards basil.  This summer I plan on making multiple batches of pesto to enjoy all year long!


Katsura Reiki Soaps are busy with the preparation of another craft show.  We are creating new recipes for bath bombs.  New products will soon be added to the website.



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