Reiki for emotional healing


Reiki is a path. It is a unique path and the journey for a practitioner is full of many obstacles.  Creating a fruitful client base is one of the main concerns for a reiki practitioner.  One needs to reach out to the community and engage with as many people as possible about the benefits of reiki.  Selling my soaps at the craft shows has proved a fascinating experience to speak about reiki and offer reiki treatments for clients in the future.


One of the other benefits of reiki is emotional healing.  The sense of deep relaxation and calmness cannot be overstated by using this technique on your clients, friends and family members.  Reiki is meant to be shared with others.  An important accessory to the emotional healing treatment is a positive affirmation.  I cannot overstate how fantastic Louise Hay's affirmations are. They are positive and very helpful for clients.  She offers many books 'You can heal your life' and this is a beneficial read for reiki practitioners, masters and your clients. This wonderful book is truly a delight to read and keep reading.

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