Mindfulness for reiki


Practicing mindfulness is something I do regularly.  This practice is particulary useful when offering reiki treatments.  It allows the practitioner to be in the moment with the treatment and very focussed.  The books of Thich Nhat Hanh have been very useful for applying the principles of mindfulness to everyday.  When coping and managing stress it is important to have multiple support systems and techniques.  Mindfulness is one of these techniques and does take practice as does meditation.  Reiki clients would benefit more from treatments by practicing mindfulness.  Often it is hard to unwind from a stressful day instantly and mindfulness brings you to the present allowing you to focus on the here and now-very important when receiving the benefits of reiki.  


Find a spot in your home where you can regularly meditate.  It can be a simple corner or a room that is particularly calming and free from distractions.  A simple cut flower,plant or a calming painting/photograph are all you need to create this tranquility within your room/corner.  Even the lighting of a candle can help create peacefulness in your space.

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