Reiki in nature

Sometimes when we least expect it we capture a perfect moment.  It is a delight to photograph this beautiful butterfly. What is even more surprising is that there were two on the butterfly bush this afternoon.  Butterflies are very symbolic of change.  This is a time of year when change is imminient.  There is the changing of the seasons with the cold weather lately this, has been very evident.  August is a period which leads to change.  People often take courses in September and try new things.  Use this August to try a reiki session!


As a Reiki Master, I often enjoy sending Reiki energy to the plants in my garden.  This is a great way to share reiki energy.  Also, a pet reiki sessions are also beneficial outdoors as well.  Dogs respond well to reiki outdoors.  Once you learn level one reiki then, you can treat your pets and family members. It is wonderful to share reiki!

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