Happy March

Winter is ending soon!  It doesn't seem likely at the moment but soon, we will be seeing the last of the snow.  I can't wait for the snow to melt away, slowly and to being the process of gardening.

Meanwhile, I am working on starting some seeds indoors.  I have already started snapdragons, heliotrope and geraniums.  I am planning on having a great cutting garden this year.  It is so rewarding to bring cut flowers from the garden into the house.  They make the backyard look fantastic.  Also, starting seeds indoors is a great way to try new varieties that are harder to find.  I ordered all my seeds from Stokes in January.  


I will purchase herbs once it is warm enough to plant.  Their are only a few seeds to direct sow in the garden such as the hollyhocks.  These are fast growing so, it should work out fine.  


For Reiki news, I continue to practice part-time and still are offering courses to those who want to share Reiki with others.  Please contact me to learn reiki or to experience a treatment.


At Katsura Reiki Soaps we are in the planning stages of modifications to our line.  It is a time of reflection based on our show feedback.  To celebrate Spring the Bay soap will be reduced to $5.00 a bar as it is simply wonderful.