Happy Summer!

Reiki is beneficial for stress relief.  It is also great for your plants.

As a reiki practitioner or master it is great to utilize reiki energy in your garden to promote healthy plants.  Enjoying the benefits of reiki while being in the garden is a good thing as well.

Try taking your reiki practice outside.  If you have a zero gravity chair then, it is perfect for outdoors.  Not only will the client enjoy the outdoors they also will have a fantastic session.

As strawberries are in season now, I am finding many ways to preserve them.  Recently, I made a lovely strawberry/blueberry/apple jam.  It was easy to make and set  up perfectly without any pectin.  The granny smith apples used thickened the jam without making it into glue.  That is a good thing!

If you would like the jam recipe then don't hesitate to contact me and I will share it.

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