Lavender Farms

Exploring lavender farms is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness.  The farm Terre Bleu is a wonderful place to visit for the day just in Milton.  I had a chance to explore the wonderful grounds, the scents of lavender...a unique experience.  Sampling some lavender macaroons and honey made from the farm is a great way to enjoy the benefits of this herb.  There is something very soothing about being surrounded by lavender-it is perfect for mindfulness and meditation.


Previously I went to Laveanne which is north of Port Hope and attended a lecture on lavender.  The benefits are amazing.  It was also great to hear how one should cover lavender in the fall to help it winter over well.  Unfortunately all my lavender plants died last year however, I will try again next spring!  The essential oil is so calming and relaxing.  Take time to peruse the lavender products at Katsura Reiki.  The shower whip is amazing...and the soap is absolutely lovely.


During these hot summer days it is a great time for an outdoor reiki session.  The benefits of reiki are numerous.  Book a session today!

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