Lavender Farms

Now is the time to visit the lavender farms.  Everything is in bloom!  Just recently I was at Laveanne Lavender in Campbellcroft.  It truly was a magnificent display of blooms.  The scent was amazing.  There also is a fabulous gift shop with lots of goodies.  The best thing about visiting lavender farms is the energy that one feels when there.  It is very calming and soothing.  Touring the lavender feels is a great way to practice mindfulness and to enjoy nature and the beauty that surrounds us.  It truly is a wonderful experience.


Lavender is useful for sleep -making sachets or using the oil and has many beneficial uses.  I love lavender soap and room sprays.  I find the rooms sprays are so useful they can also be used when ironing so your pillowcases smell like lavender.


When practicing reiki lighting a lavender candle or spraying the room with room spray is a great way to begin your sessions.  It creates a sense of calm.

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