January Blues

As we look outside our window and see the snow coming down it does look pretty.  However, January is a difficult month as there is a lot of pressure to change.  Whether it is to change your outlook, career, relationships all are evaluated in January.  We take stock of our lives and decide what we want to make better.


It is often during this time of change that we become less optimistic.  The weather and light levels definitely alter our moods.  That is why when it is a bright, sunny, very cold winter day we need to get outside and go somewhere!  Yes- if it is feasible going for a walk when it is not -30 is ideal.  Even taking a trip to the shops cheers us up enormously during this time of the year.  Take some time to treat yourself whether it be a warm bath, your favourite tea or a relaxing movie.  Also have some reiki treatments or share reiki with others during this challenging month- it will help you feel better.

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