Signs of Spring

It has been a long winter and slowly signs of spring are emerging.  Making changes and trying new things all come hand in hand with the new season.  As we try to get fitter, learn new skills and explore new areas all of this is more appealing in the springtime.


As we fill our bird feeders and watch nature from our windows it is important to still go out for a mindfulness meditation.  Even a short one will be beneficial.  As stress accumulates in our lives we need to explore new ways of dealing with the stressors.  Taking a brief walk, calling a friend, immersing yourself in a room diffused with lavender essential oils are good ways to unwind.  I find that even misting your pillow with lavender linen water is relaxing as well.


Now also is the time for Reiki.  A one hour session has enormous benefits and will help you feel relaxed and is a reboot for the mind.  Reiki has a wonderful calming effect on the body.  

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