Benefits of Lavender

There are so many benefits to walking in lavender fields.  There is the heavenly perfume which surrounds you, the lush green landscape of trees and and flowers.   During a recent visit to one of the farms I was able to explore the nearby woods which led to another lavender field.  It was fantastic.  One can easily practice mindfulness while at a lavender farm as it really is a peaceful place.  It also offers an opportunity to recharge, take a break and just enjoy some peace and quiet.


Using a lavender spray for linens is a great way to enjoy lavender at home.  Also misting a room before bed is a great way to unwind.  Lavender soaps, lotions and shower gels also brings that relaxing scent to your bath experience.  Culinary lavender is another way to experience lavender in salts/herbes de provence -which you may want to use as a marinate for chicken/ or lavender in your favourite shortbread recipe or my favourite- truffles.  


Practicing reiki outdoors is another way to unwind.  Bring your zero gravity chair or lounge chair and practice on a family member/pet/ is a great experience.

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