The Garden

Finally,  a perennial is growing in the garden!  I bought this plant at a local sale and it is extremely hardy.  This is a challenging time looking out at the garden-it does look a bit gloomy.  Due to the cold weather the bulbs and all trees are slower than usual.  However, now is a good time to tidy up all those branches and plan where to move your perennials -once they start growing!  I also have started geraniums indoors and am encouraged by how well they are doing.  Geraniums are a great hardy annual -that looks fantastic all summer long.


At Katsura Reiki we are continuing to experiment with new soaps scents.  Currently I made a batch of pink grapefruit-they are lovely for spring.


I would also like to recommend a mindfulness for wellbeing and peak performance course from Future Learn online.  The course is free and it is really helpful in practicing mindfulness.

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