Coping with Loss

Coping with loss is difficult and challenging.  There are no stages of grief.  How each person grieves is different.  You have to do what feels right for you.  Not everyone has to be grief-free in a year!  Depending on the circumstances surrounding the grief it may take quite some time to feel better.  I am dealing with  constant grief as my mother has not passed but she is not doing well either.  So in this state of limbo you have almost a preparatory grief as you anticipate their passing.


So with all this grief how do you cope with it?  Journalling helps a bit, getting all those feelings of loss onto paper.  Keeping busy is good too but sometimes you need to take a break and just feel the grief.  


Exercise does help when dealing with all these stressors.  Pilates is great as you can do it at your own pace.  Going on walks is great too if you feel like it.  Gardening is a great distraction as usually there is so much to do out there now.  I can spend a whole day gathering leaves and sticks!  Planning on what you are going to put in the garden is a great idea too.  It forces you to think of the future.  A memorial rose bush or tree for your loved one is a great idea.


Reiki is great for stress too.  Practicing reiki on others or having a treatment.  Or even sending distance reiki to a loved one is very helpful.

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