12 Days till Christmas!

Only 12 days till Christmas!   It is surprising how each year the holidays sneak up on us.  The main thoughts during this time turn to how are we going to get everything done before the new year.


It is also a time when grief is very prominent as we try and celebrate holidays without some family members.   As we navigate family gatherings that can prove quite challenging.


Keeping very busy and sticking to routines helps with the stress during this time.   Making time to relax, go for a massage and mediate regularly and find some yoga time all are good ways to offset the stressors during this time of the year.  Practicing reiki is good too.


It is okay to feel sad during the holidays.  It may not seem like you can be sad when Christmas carols are belting out in the grocery store but allowing yourself time to feel whatever emotions you are experiencing is a good thing.  


Finding time to make your favourite cookies, go for another walk, watch the sunset and gather with friends and loved ones.  Make the most of your celebrations no matter how large or small they may be.  The holidays are all about spending time with those you love so, make the most out of it and don't stress that the stuffing didn't turn out or their are lumps in your mashed potatoes.  These times are to be cherished.

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