Signs of Spring are starting to become visible.   The perennials are just starting to show some life.  Even the crazy snow can't stop them now!


As the new season approaches it is a time of change, growth and hope.   A time of new beginnings in the garden and in life.   Letting go of our previous attachments and starting fresh.  It is a time to focus on what does make us happy and let go of things, and situations that are not serving us.


Take more time to practice meditation and start slowly even five minutes a day is beneficial.   It is a way to take time out and just focus on the breath.  Don't try to control your monkey mind and all the thoughts that come to you...just let them come and then release them.   Come back to the breath and try again.

Just showing up for mediation is half the battle.  Sometimes a session works out great..other times our mind doesn't calm down but that is okay too.   We return another day and try again.


It is a good time to share Reiki during this new season and sending distance Reiki to family and friends is a great way to practice your skills.

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