Often Change is difficult..just because it is easier to go with the flow and leave things as they are.  However, sometimes things need to shift so you can grow and be free.


Recently going through some shifts in my life and trying to get rid of what does not serve me or is toxic to my well being.   What a process!  The key is to find that tiny kernel of happiness right now even when things are in flux...even when you don't feel your best...even when every day is a struggle..  Breathe, stay present in the moment.  Put one foot forward...and continue.  Soon your path will become clear.


At the moment my path is dense fog of haze!  But I trust in the moment that soon the fog will lift and my path will be clear.  


I am grateful for the small blessings along the way...and of course for Finnegan who makes each day brighter even though he is often very mischievous !


Take some time to connect with nature..with your pets and find your small will help you along the way.

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