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25. October 2014
Gratitude. As we enjoy the freedom to move where we want, and to express ourselves as we wish, these are rights. However, we should feel grateful that through the actions of our military and our law enforcement officers who regularly protect us and risk their lives for us everyday, that we enjoy our freedoms. Our thoughts our with the family of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and we send reiki blessings to his family.
30. September 2014
As we welcome in the cooler weather, we cling to the last vestiges of summer warmth. We continue to wear our flip-flops and extend the season. This is a time of gratitude as we can enjoy the garden longer. During this time it is important to tidy up the garden, gather any seeds you want to save for next spring.. Take some photos of your garden then, you will be able to easily plan for next year as you will know where all the holes are. At Katsura Reiki we have been making Chili Sauce and...