Holidays and Gratitude

As we approach December when holiday shopping, finding the 'perfect' gift and spending times with friends and family are central in our thoughts.  Perhaps, it is not finding the perfect gift that matters but spending time with that special friend or family member.  Let us spend more time being a little bit more mindful of others.  Exercise some gratitude for all the blessings we enjoy as being Canadians.  Our freedom is one such blessing.  Often we take the most simplest things for granted.  Take a moment in December away from hustle and bustle and be thankful for all you have.  Also, take a moment to give-whether it be your time, some food to a local food drive or some freshly baked cookies to a neighbour.  Make an effort in December to share.

As a reiki master, once needs to be mindful of global events, and the people of Paris are in my thoughts.  I send prayers and healing energy to all who were affected by the terrorist attacks.

I am thankful for all who supported Katsura Reiki during our recent craft shows.  I hope you enjoy your bath bombs and have a fantastic season.