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28. November 2015
As we approach December when holiday shopping, finding the 'perfect' gift and spending times with friends and family are central in our thoughts. Perhaps, it is not finding the perfect gift that matters but spending time with that special friend or family member. Let us spend more time being a little bit more mindful of others. Exercise some gratitude for all the blessings we enjoy as being Canadians. Our freedom is one such blessing. Often we take the most simplest things for granted. Take a...
08. November 2015
Now is a time to remember all our veterans this November. in particular I would like to remember my grandfather George Deitch who served in the Korean War. I am so grateful for all the veterans who have served and continue to serve to protect our country. Take time to be grateful this week and remember those who sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy the lives we have now.
04. October 2015
A spot of fall colour as you drive through the country roads is like a breath of fresh air. The crisp air hits your face as you feel the seasons change. Notice the fall colours around you and enjoy the season. Celebrate the change of season by cooking with apples and pumpkins. Take some time this week and be grateful for all the blessings in your life. Thanksgiving is a good time to celebrate the coming together of family and friends and to be grateful for all your blessings. Let the worries go...
02. April 2015
Easter is upon us! It is a time of celebration and connection with our families. Take time this Easter to exercise some gratitude for the many blessings in your life. The bunnies are back in the garden..well they actually never left...I look forward to getting outdoors and prepping the flowerbeds for the beautiful flowers I am growing. At Katsura Reiki we are continuing to develop soaps and beauty products for our upcoming shows. We are experimenting with new products and scents which we will...
11. January 2015
As we begin a new year, it is a time for gratitude. Time for reflection, and change. The freedom to express our thoughts through various mediums is one such right we enjoy in Canada. It is a time to be grateful for this and to celebrate it during the current political climate. As I treat my many patients I am grateful for the skills of reiki which are so beneficial. Learning reiki and practicing reiki on a daily basis is truly a wonderful thing.
25. October 2014
Gratitude. As we enjoy the freedom to move where we want, and to express ourselves as we wish, these are rights. However, we should feel grateful that through the actions of our military and our law enforcement officers who regularly protect us and risk their lives for us everyday, that we enjoy our freedoms. Our thoughts our with the family of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and we send reiki blessings to his family.
13. October 2014
This is a great time to explore nearby nature areas. The colours of the foliage are lovely. Practice a walking meditation and just enjoy being outdoors. Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude. As we spend time with family, one has a chance to appreciate the gifts everyone brings into our life. Life is filled with many blessings and now is the time to celebrate them. Learning reiki is a way to share your skills with others in a positive environment. I have found this year my apple/pear/date galette...