Reiki and Meditation

February is a dreary month where one feels as if winter will never end.  This is precisely the time to treat yourself.  Take some time for a massage therapy session or create your own meditative space.


A key element to consider when creating an area to meditate is you want natural light if possible, a lovely plant will add to the atmosphere, a candle and a comfortable cushion or chair will complete your area.  Also consider some meditative music but it should be something you enjoy hearing that will help you focus, breathe and relax.  


Often when one meditates our focus wanders...and wanders.  Let your mind wander and then bring yourself back to the moment and breathe.  It takes practice to meditate.  I recommend just trying short sessions to start.  Even micro sessions are good too especially if you are stressed at work and can only grab a few minutes.


Reiki compliments meditation and they both work together to balance our chakras.  Once our energies are balanced, our stress levels are reduced and we feel relaxed and at ease.