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07. March 2017
Meditation and reiki are complementary modes that enhance one's reiki practice. Not only are they beneficial to practitioners but also to those receiving reiki. As a reiki master I find regular meditation relieves stress and creates a sense of calm. Meditation in the evening when one cannot sleep is particularly useful. There are so many apps for meditation now and often using one for 10 minutes and focussing on your breathing helps calm you and allows your mind to rest so you can return to...
04. February 2017
February is a dreary month where one feels as if winter will never end. This is precisely the time to treat yourself. Take some time for a massage therapy session or create your own meditative space. A key element to consider when creating an area to meditate is you want natural light if possible, a lovely plant will add to the atmosphere, a candle and a comfortable cushion or chair will complete your area. Also consider some meditative music but it should be something you enjoy hearing that...
11. January 2015
As we begin a new year, it is a time for gratitude. Time for reflection, and change. The freedom to express our thoughts through various mediums is one such right we enjoy in Canada. It is a time to be grateful for this and to celebrate it during the current political climate. As I treat my many patients I am grateful for the skills of reiki which are so beneficial. Learning reiki and practicing reiki on a daily basis is truly a wonderful thing.
31. December 2014
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! January is a time for change and setting new goals. This year make reiki a part of your new regime for the year. Reiki is great for stress relief. Combine reiki with some meditation and yoga and you have a great program to combat stress!