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24. October 2016
Fall colours are everywhere now. This is the time to catch a glimpse before many of the leaves have fallen off the trees. Exploring new towns is a way to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Taking a road trip is similar to a walking meditation. There is no real destination in site it is a chance to explore. Now the days are getting colder it is a time to book a reiki appointment. Reiki is especially helpful for arthritis and sore joints. Make some time for reiki today.
19. October 2015
Celebrate the change of seasons by exploring nature. Enjoy the changing of the leaves and the crisp autumnal air. Explore new trails to follow unusual paths and see where they lead. Fall is a great time to be outdoors and to practice mindfulness. Take some time out this week and enjoy nature. Try a walking meditation. Watch the leaves fall. Enjoy the moment and relax.
23. September 2014
Fall is a time to start new projects reflect on changes that can be made in your life. It really is a time of renewal. You can start within and begin your process by getting rid of old belief systems and negative thinking. Reiki treatments can help you be releasing tension and making you feel more relaxed, calm and refreshed. Another way to embrace change is to be aware of climate change and our role within our environment. As individuals we all need to actively reduce our carbon footprint. If...