Fall Renewal

Fall is a time to start new projects reflect on changes that can be made in your life.  It really is a time of renewal.  You can start within and begin your process by getting rid of old belief systems and negative thinking. Reiki treatments can help you be releasing tension and making you feel more relaxed, calm and refreshed.  

Another way to embrace change is to be aware of climate change and our role within our environment.  As individuals we all need to actively reduce our carbon footprint.  If car pooling works for you or transit is an option then that is a positive choice.  Even purchasing a fuel efficient vehicle and planning your trips so, that you are making one trip  rather than a series of trips.  At Katsura Reiki we are mindful of the environment and choose to participate in craft shows within our region.  We also, choose our product-lines with care and utilize very little paper within the office.  We source out local supplies.

*Product line note:  Our vanilla soap is made with jojoba beads/esters which are exfoliating but are not plastic.  These are biodegradable.

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