Celebrate May

Finally May is here!  Now is the time to celebrate all that May brings. A robin's nest marks the start of the season.  It has been so cold lately the garden is slow to flourish.  However, signs of growth are everywhere.  It is a time to take stock of what has returned from the cold winter.  I have not seen any evidence of lavender- the most loveliest of herbs.  I am encouraged  that the Greek Oregano is doing well and chives of course are thriving.


Take advantage of these early herbs and add them to a frittata.  I have become quite the expert on frittatas lately.  Roasting some potatoes in a dish then add your eggs/cream and pieces of feta...amazing.  Herbs make it great as well.


Now is a good time for reiki practitioners to give the garden reiki.  It is a good way to get a jump on the growing season.  Also, take some time and give reiki to your pets now both dogs and cats love reiki and you only need a short session to make them feel better.

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